izi.TRAVEL Widget

One of the ways to promote an audio guide is by placing the izi.TRAVEL widget on your site. The widget can contain information about both the audio guide as a whole (a museum or tour) and an individual story (a museum exhibit or point of interest). To place it on your web-site you need to follow three simple steps:

  1. Find the audio guide published in izi.TRAVEL.
  2. Configure the widget’s layout (fonts, color scheme, etc.).
  3. Add the widget’s code to your web-site.

We do not describe how to implement the widget on your web-site, your webmaster knows better. Below, we will tell you how to set up and receive the widget code for placement on the site.

Open the izi.TRAVEL widget page and click on “Create Story Widget”.


Find the audio guide published in izi.TRAVEL. This can be done in several different ways:

  • enter its name in the Tour Name field;
  • enter the name of the city where the audio guide is located in the City field, and select the desired audio guide from the provided list;
  • copy the audio guide’s URL from its web-page to the izi.TRAVEl site.

Depending on what you want to place in the widget, check the appropriate option:

  • “Tour” – place the entire audio guide;
  • “Story” – place a selected story from the audio guide. If you choose this value, you will need to select a specific story from the list of all the audio guide stories which will open.


Select either audio guide or story. The page will display the widget’s layout with the default settings and the code for placing the widget on the site. If you find the layout parameters acceptable, you can use the provided code.

wdgt_03 wdgt_04

You can change some of the widget’s parameters so that it appears aesthetically pleasing on your site. To do this, use the configurator:


With the configurator, you can:

  1. Set up the images.
  2. Set up the text.
  3. Set up the widget’s orientation.
  4. Set up fonts.
  5. Set up the elements’ colors.
  6. Show the resulting code.
  7. Restore all default settings (reset all existing settings).


Setting up images

In this section, you can forego displaying the audio guide’s image in the widget. To do this, uncheck “Show”. The option is checked by default.

You can also choose the specific image you would like to display in the widget if the object has more than one image. To do this, in the “First Image” field, indicate the image to be displayed first in the widget. The default setting is “1”.


Setting up texts

In this section, you can set up whether or not the object’s text description will be displayed by checking or unchecking “Show” at the “Description” parameter.

You can also set up a list of languages to display if the object has more than one language as well as set up the default language .


Setting up widget’s layout options

In this section, you can set up the widget layout (portrait or landscape) as well as the widget width in pixels.


Setting up fonts

In this section, you can set up the font type, size, and style (regular, bold) for the story title and description.


Adjust widget’s color settings

Here you can adjust the title and description colors individually as well as set up the background and button colors.