Mobile audio guide "Free Walking" mode

The attractions created in the CMS can be used in different ways in the izi.TRAVEL mobile audio guide. They can be shown as part of a city tour and/or in the “Free Walking” mode.

The “Free Walking” mode in the mobile audio guide.

The izi.TRAVEL mobile app lets users listen to stories about the attractions located near them without the need to open one or another tour. This mode is called “Free Walking”.

Unlike the “Explore” mode (1) where the map shows only such audio guides as “tour” and “Museum”, the “Free Walking” mode (2) makes it possible to listen to all the attractions. As soon as the user approaches the attraction, the story about it starts playing automatically (3).


Tourist attractions for the “Free Walking” mode in izi.TRAVEL CMS

In the CMS, you can create tourist attractions not only for tours but also for the “Free Walking” mode. This is done in the “Tourist Attractions” section. Creating attractions in that section is done in the same way as for creating a tour.


By default, all of the created attractions become accessible for the “Free Walking” mode. However, if, for some reason, you do not want to show attractions in this mode, you can check the appropriate box (4) in its properties.


If you do not want to show any of the newly created attractions in the “Free Walking” mode, check the appropriate box (5) in the content provider properties.