QR codes in audio guides

The izi.TRAVEL CMS generates QR codes for use in exhibits and advertising materials. Users can then scan these QR codes to open the relevant page for the object.


Use QR codes from the izi.TRAVEL CMS

The izi.TRAVEL CMS generates a unique QR code for each object in the audio guide hierarchy. For example, for a virtual museum it generates a QR code for the museum, each collection and each exhibit. QR codes are stored in the object’s Properties menu under the QR-Code tab.


  • To save the QR code, right-click the image of the QR code (1) and save the image. You can now use the QR code as an image and add it to materials produced in another program.
  • To print the QR code, click Print QR-code (2). You can use the QR code straight away.

Notice If the QR code is too small or too far away from users, there may be problems with QR code recognition. A QR code image located 1 meter away from the user should be at least 10cm by 10cm.

Testing QR codes

You can restrict access to objects that are in a testing phase using a passcode. The passcode is contained in the QR codes. When you scan this QR code, the passcode is automatically stored in your User profile and the object page is opened.


Track QR code use

QR codes can also contain links to track how often users have scanned them. This data can help in evaluating the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. For more information, see Advertisement campaigns.