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One app for cities and museums

The izi.TRAVEL app contains audio guides for both cities and museums, as well as other cultural attractions. So after visiting a museum, you can explore the city – like a local and at your own pace. Discover the highlights and hidden gems, and enjoy fascinating stories which truly bring art, history and cities to life.

How to use the app

Interactive and multimedia

Our interactive audio guides will give you an engaging multimedia experience, enriched with quizzes, photos and video in the language of your choice. Then use QR codes, NumPad and GPS to trigger the stories as you walk around. It's that simple!

Outdoor tours

While wandering around, our GPS-enabled outdoor tours will sense where you are and trigger interesting points all around you. Our integrated map means you'll never get lost!

Plan your trip

Half the fun of travelling is planning your trip. And it's easy with the izi.TRAVEL app – simply bookmark what interests you.


Tell your friends and family all about your visit! Share your experiences via Facebook, Twitter or Google+ – with just one click.

Create your own audio tours!

Use of the system and the mobile guide app is free


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