Quiz questions are designed to be added to the audio guide game elements. They can be added to objects such as tours, museums, attractions, collections, and exhibits, but the quiz questions are in most demand for “Quest” style tours . For this type of tour, the correct answer determines whether or not the user can continue on the tour.

The “Add quiz” command has been provided to add a question to an object.

The izi.TRAVEL CMS supports two types of quiz question:

  • a four option multiple-choice question
  • a short answer that is entered into a text box

Select the type of quiz question after clicking on “Add quiz.”.

Multiple-choice question

Users are very familiar with this type of question. Users are very familiar with this type of question. In the “Question” field, enter the text of the question. In the fields below, enter the answer options and tick the “Correct Answer” box next to the correct answer. You can also enter explanatory text in the comments field that will be shown to the user when he chooses the correct answer.

How it looks in the mobile app:

  1. Button to open the quiz question.
  2. Window with the question and answer choices.
  3. Button which opens the comment that accompanies the correct answer. Displayed when the correct answer is chosen.

Short Answer Question

This type of question involves entering a response in the text field. Usually, this is a single word.

In order for an answer to be accepted, it must be identical to the text entered in the answer field. If a question has more than one correct answer, each of these answers must be specified. You can add another correct answer by pressing “Add optional correct answer”. You may add up to 10 correct answer options.

This question type is displayed in the following way in the mobile app: