FAQ about paid сontent

Can I sell my tours using your service?

You can sell your audio guides (both museum guides and city tours) using in-app purchase mechanism in mobile audio guide app.

What should I do to sell my tour?

To require a fee for a tour, you need to set a price for it in the properties for the tour. Open the properties for the tour and go to the “Properties” section.

Select “I want to make this audio guide available for purchase”.


You can now access the “Audio guide price” element. Enter the price of the tour and press “Save”.


To cancel the fee requirement for the audio guide, click “I want to make this audio guide available free of charge”.

In which currency can I define my price?

We support only one currency, the Euro, at present. Therefore, whenever you assign a price to a tour, note that this is the price in Euros, as seen by the buyer.

Why is the price of my tour different in different countries?

Stores like Apple’s AppStore and Google’s Play Store use their own conversion rates when converting Euros into the local currency. Therefore, the local price in different countries may differ from one based on different currency rates.

I have assigned a price to my tour and the tour has disappeared from both the izi.TRAVEL web-site and the mobile audio guide app.

Once you have assigned a price to your tour and clicked the Save button, the following will happen:

  • your tour will temporarily become unavailable for mobile audio guide users and for visitors to the izi.TRAVEL web-site;
  • an e-mail will be sent to izi.TRAVEL Support asking to make the tour available in all mobile app stores.

Your request to publish the fee-paying tour will be processed by izi.TRAVEL Support and sent to Apple’s AppStore and Google’s Play Store.

As soon as your tour has reached these app stores, it will become available on the izi.TRAVEL web-site and via mobile audio guide apps. It might take 2-10 days for your tour to become available in the store.

How do I know how much I have earned from the sale of my tours?

You should send a request to support@izi.travel.

How do I receive the money when someone buys my tour?

You can issue an invoice to izi.TRAVEL as soon as you have sold over 500 Euros worth of tours.

The details can be found in the License terms of the izi.TRAVEL service.

Do I need a separate agreement to sell my tours?

All conditions, rights and obligations are described in the License Agreement, which you accept when you register with izi.TRAVEL. This covers all payments. On request to support@izi.travel, we can sign a separate agreement, if you wish.