View the created tour in izi.TRAVEL for Andrоid

Open the mobile audio guide izi.TRAVEL on your smartphone.

If it has not yet been installed, download and install the latest version of izi.TRAVEL.

By default, the tour you have created is protected by a passcode. In order to see it in the izi.TRAVEL app, you need to enter its passcode in its settings.

Enter the passcode

Open the main menu of izi.TRAVEL 1 and select “Settings” 2.


Select “Passcode” 3 and, in the new window, enter the passcode 4. Click OK.


Test the tour elements

Return to the main menu, 5 and select the “Explore” section 6. A list of the nearby museums and tours will open. To find the created tour quickly, use the search function 7.


Enter the tour name into the search field 8 and click on “Search” 9. Select the tour from the list of search results 10.


The tour’s main window will open. The tour window contains the tour’s photograph, name, and description. If you have uploaded an audio story for the tour, the “Play Audio” button will be active. You can listen to the uploaded story.

To open the tour, press the “Start” button 11. A window with the tour map will open. On the map, you will see the created attractions and the tour route.


Press the panel heading “Tour Route” 12 to open the list of attractions in the tour. Select the Attractions line 13. The tour map will open; the selected attraction’s icon will be in the center. 14. Below the map, you will see a panel with the attraction’s name 15.


Press this panel 15. The attraction’s window will open, containing the data you uploaded when creating it in the izi.TRAVEL CMS – name, image, description, and audio story. You can listen to the audio story by pressing 16.


Test the rest of the attractions the same way.

Testing a tour

The next step is to test the tour.

Before starting on that, make sure you have uploaded to the izi.TRAVEL CMS audio stories for all the attractions and navigational histories. You will be unable to test the audio guide until you have done so.

Testing preparation

Download the tour to your mobile phone so you will not be dependent on the mobile internet quality. To do that, press the “Download” button in the main tour window. 1.

Go to the tour’s starting point and press “Start” 2. This opens the tour map.


By default, the map does not show the attractions’ trigger zones because they are needed only for tour testing. To display them, press 3. You will see that dark areas have appeared next to the attractions’ icons 4. These are the trigger zones.


Check the functioning of the tourist attractions’ trigger zones

Enlarge the tour map scale so you can easily follow your progress, and go to the first tourist attraction 5. As soon as you cross the boundary of a tourist attraction’s trigger zone 6, the audio story about it will start playing automatically (if you have uploaded the story). At the same time, the tourist attraction icon’s color will change to red, and instead of a number, it will show three equalizer columns 7, and icon 8 will appear on the navigation panel 8. When you finish listening to the audio story, a check mark will appear on the tourist attraction’s icon 9, and icon 8 will disappear from the navigation panel.


Go through the entire tour route. Make a note of any deviations from the expected run of events – stories start playing too early or too late. Enter the relevant corrections in the tour (change the trigger zones’ size or location) and go through the tour again.

If all the events accompanying your tour movements reflect your expectations, that means you have done everything correctly, and the tour can be published.