Add materials to the attraction

In this step, you need to add informational materials to the attractions that you’ve created – descriptions, photos, audio stories and quizzes.

Start with the first attraction:

1. Click on the name of the attraction in the list on the left.


This opens the properties window for the attraction.

2. Complete the description of the attraction and click Save (Save).

3. Select the Choose file button to upload the audio story.

4. Add a quiz question. Read more about quiz questions here.


Select “Multiple-choice quiz question”.


5. Fill in the question and answer choices.

6. Set the button by the correct answer.

7. Click “Save”.



8. Go to he “Images” section and upload a photo of the attraction.


9. Repeat these steps for the other attractions. Use the arrow on the right to move on to the next attraction.


10. The last attraction on this tour is supposed to be hidden. Therefore, after you’ve added the description, photos, and audio to it, you have to set the “Hidden” parameter. This parameter is set in the “Properties’ section.


Return to the tour and draw fragments of the route for the segments of the quest.