Creating a "Quest" object

The first step in creating the quest is to create the main object – the “Tour”. This part of the quest is almost identical to a conventional tour, except for one parameter – “Playback type”. This parameter is responsible for additional features of the quest (segments, fragments of the route and checkpoints).

Create the “Tour” object as follows:

  1. Press the “Create Tour” button on the main menu.QST_01_01
  2. In the window that opens:
    • Fill out the “Tour name” field.
    • Set “Quest” as the type of passage.
    • Keep “Walking” as the suggested tour category.
    • Keep the suggested tour language, or else select a relevant language from the “Main language” list.
    • Press the “Create” button.


This closes the window for the creation of the tour and opens the properties page of the newly created tour.

In the next step, you’ll add a description of the tour. It is this information that the tourist will see in his mobile audio guide.

3. In the Profiles section:

    • Complete the “Description” field. This text will be displayed in the mobile audio guide on the first page of the tour.
    • Select the Choose file button by the “Audio” parameter to upload the audio story. If the audio isn’t ready yet, then skip this step. You can upload the audio later.
    • Add the closing text to the quest using the command “Add closing line”. More…
    • Click “Save”.


    4. Upload a photograph of the tour. For this:

      • Open the “Images” section.
      • Press the “Upload photo” button.
      • In the window that opens, select the file containing the image that should represent the quest.


    We can finish the initial settings for the tour with this. Go back to the main window of the tour by clicking on the return to tour button.


    The next step – creating tour segments.