User management

The “Users” section is designed for managing the users who participate in the project. In this section, it is possible to:

  • invite anyone to participate in the project;
  • change a participant’s role in the project;
  • remove a participant from the project.

Invitation of participants to the project

To invite a participant to the project:

  • Click “Add User” 1.


  • In the newly opened window, enter the email address of the invitee and choose his/her role in the project (Administrator, Editor, Reader), then click the “Add” button.


The invitation will be sent to the specified e-mail address. The “Invitations” table will contain a row with the invited user’s data until the invitation gets accepted 2. If, for any reason, an invitation email does not reach its destination, it can be sent again by pressing the Resend Invitation button.


Once the user accepts the invitation, the row with his/her data will move to the main table 3:


Changing the role of a project participant

Project participants can have one of three roles:

Administrator – has the most extensive permissions within the project. The Administrator can manage the project participants (invite, change roles, remove), edit the content provider parameters, check content usage statistics as well as edit/create audio guides.

Editor – can create and edit audio guides. Including changing the visibility level of the audio guides and their components as well as removing audio guides and/or their components.

Reader – can only view the project’s audio guides. – cannot make any changes to the audio guides.

Only the Administrator can change a project participant’s role. To change a participant’s role, press the Edit button 4 in the participant’s row.


In the newly opened window, choose from the list 5 the desired role and press “Update”.


Removing a participant from the project

Only the Administrator can remove a participant from the project. To do this, press the “Delete” button in the row for this participant and confirm the deletion in the dialog box.