Creating a new content provider

izi.TRAVEL CMS makes it possible not only for several users to work jointly on the same project but also for a single user to work on several projects.

In some cases, you may need to create one or more content providers. For example, if you need to service several museums each of which should have its own individual design. In that case, you would need to create a separate content provider for each museum.

You can do this by registering a new user on the izi.TRAVEL site or by using the “Create a content provider” command in izi.TRAVEL CMS.

  • In the first case, a new user with a unique e-mail address is created for the new content provider. That is, if you are registered in the system, you will not be able to create a new content provider in your own name
  • in the second case, the content provider is created in the name of the user who has initiated the content provider’s creation. That is, the system user can create two or more content providers in his own name.

We will examine how a content provider is created by using the relevant command in the izi.TRAVEL.CMS settings:

Pick the “Create content provider” command. The New Content Provider Details field will open. Fill the form, check the License Terms agreement box, and click the Send Request button.

The new content provider will be created, and their personal workspace will open. Simultaneously, the izi.TRAVEL company will be informed that a new content provider has been created.

The newly created content provider will have access to all the izi.TRAVEL.CMS capabilities except opening public access to the created audio guides. The option to open public access will become available after it is approved by the moderator. The notification of the moderator’s decision will be sent within 72 hours to the e-mail address listed in the user’s profile.

The newly created content provider’s name will be added to the settings menu.

To switch to the previous content provider’s workspace, all you need to do is select his name in the settings menu.