Preparing the museum for audio guide use

To ensure that your visitors are left with a pleasant impression of using the audio guide in your museum, you need to set up the museum’s infrastructure.

  • Letting people know about the museum’s free audio guide.
  • Providing fast and free access to the Internet.
  • Making it easy to search for information about exhibits.

There are various ways in which you can inform your visitors about the opportunity to use the audio guide in the museum. The most convenient method is to post this information on the museum site and install an information poster in the museum’s lobby. We have prepared different templates for flyers, posters and other marketing materials. You can find them on our web-site.

You must provide your visitors with free Internet access via a WiFi network to allow them to download the audio guide. Use the recommendations to set up your WiFi network.

How can I facilitate information searches about an exhibit? There are two ways:

  1. Search the exhibit using the number that was assigned to it when it was created in izi.TRAVEL CMS. The visitor sees a room next to the exhibit and enters it into the audio guide. The number that is entered will be found the exhibit’s story.
    To implement this method, you must prepare signs showing the numbers and place them next to the exhibits. The style of the sign containing the exhibit number can match the general artistic conception of the museum. A basic requirement for this sign is that the number is big enough to read even when at a distance from the exhibit.
  2. Search by reading the QR code. The visitor sees the QR code nest to the exhibit, and reads it using the mobile audio guide. The audio guide locates the story of the exhibit using the data encoded in the QR code.
    To implement this search method, you must place a sign containing the QR code next to the exhibit. This code is automatically generated on the exhibit page in izi.TRAVEL CMS.
Setting up the museum’s Wi-Fi network for audio guide use

Setting up the museum’s Wi-Fi network for audio guide use

To ensure that visitors can use the audio guide in the museum without any problems, it is advisable to give...

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