Creating a museum audio guide. The basic steps In this document, we will discuss the simple structure of the museum and the main steps that must be followed in order to create it. The simple structure of the museum is made up of the separate exhibits. Below, we present a diagram of the simple structure, showing how it will look on the screen of a mobile audio guide. The top position in the hierarchy of the object is the "Museum". In the mobile audio guides, it is presented as an object containing a photograph of the museum, its text and audio descriptions, as well as several embedded objects – the exhibits. Each of the embedded objects (exhibits) also contains a photograph, a text description and an audio story. You can read more about the virtual museum structure in the article "Virtual museum. Basic concepts". MC_05 Let's create an audio guide for the museum:
  1. First, we create the object "Museum" and add a description, photograph and audio story.
  2. Next, we create an exhibit, and also provide it with a description, photograph, and audio story.
  3. We'll prepare an audio guide and use it to check the result of the work we've done.
For this, we need photographs of the museum and exhibit, as well as their text descriptions and audio stories. When creating photographs and audio files, we recommend that you use the standard formats. For photographs, use jpegs, and for audio, mp3s. You can choose photographs from your collection or take new ones, and you can record audio using your laptop's microphone or an external microphone connected to your computer. Audio can also be recorded via your phone, then transferred to your computer. So, let's begin. Create the object "Museum".