Viewing the museum in izi.TRAVEL fоr Android

To view the created museum, open the mobile audio guide (izi.TRAVEL) on a smartphone.


If it has not yet been installed, download and install the latest version of izi.TRAVEL.


Created museum view

As mentioned in the previous section, access to the created museum view is protected by a passcode. There are two ways to find that museum on the izi.TRAVEL mobile audio guide:

  • Manually enter the password into the izi.TRAVEL mobile audio guide settings; or
  • Scan the museum QR-code with the izi.TRAVEL mobile audio guide.

Both of these methods are described in detail below.

Entering the passcode manually

Open the main menu of izi.TRAVEL 1and select “Settings” number_2.

In the “Settings” window, choose “Passcode” 3. In the window that opens, enter the passcode 4.


Return to the main menu5 and choose “Explore”6. Find the museum you’ve just created in the opened list and click on it 7.


When the museum window opens, you’ll see pictures, text and audio files that you have uploaded during the museum page creation 8. Click on the “Introduction” section. Click the play icon to play the audio story number_9. Click on the information icon to review the text 10. The uploaded text will appear in the window that opens number_11.


Click on the exhibit line in the museum window to open its window 12. You can see pictures, play audio stories by clicking on the play icon number_13and open the text window 15by clicking on the information icon 14 in the exhibit window.


Scanning the QR Code of the created museum with izi.TRAVEL CMS

Open museum features in CMS and go to the QR Code section (see the picture below). Your museum’s QR Code will be displayed on the page that opens. Scan that QR Code using the in-built izi.TRAVEL reader to open and see your museum in the izi.TRAVEL mobile audio guide.


Open the izi.TRAVEL audio guide and choose the QR code reader from the main menu 1.

Point your smartphone camera at the computer screen so that the QR Code fits the scanner’s working area number_2. Once the QR Code has been scanned your museum window will automatically open . Check that this is identical to the one described above.


Now you understand how to create a museum and exhibits. You can also improve them or create new exhibits. You can change or add new photographs of the museum and exhibits, upload a plan of the museum, and add audio descriptions, if you have not yet done so. As well as creating exhibits, you can create collections or add a museum, exhibits and collections in another language.

After you have finished creating the museum and exhibits, you can grant access to your museum to all mobile audio guide users.