Сreating the text for the story

When preparing texts for an audio guide, you should bear in mind that a quality audio guide requires two types of texts for each story:

  1. A text that fits the screen of a mobile audio guide. This type of text is for reference purposes. It can contain a number of dates, figures, and other facts that are difficult to remember when listening. The tourists will turn to this text most often when they forget or miss something.
  2. The text of the audio story. This text should be specially adapted to be heard. In terms of style, it should be in conversational language, such as that used by professional guides. Bring in experienced tour guides to work on these texts.

When preparing the texts, please note the following tips:

  • At the start of the audio story, mention the name of the object (the place of interest or exhibit) so that the listeners know that they are looking at the object that is currently being discussed on the audio guide. This is unnecessary for the visitors to read the text on the screen of their cellphone, because the name of the object is displayed in a separate field.
  • At the beginning of the audio story, the number of the exhibit should be mentioned. By beginning the story about the exhibit with the words “Exhibit number 21. “Portrait of a Young Man”, you help the tourists to orient themselves if they are standing in front of several different portraits.
  • When writing the text for the audio story, try to keep it within 150-200 words. This is around 1-2 minutes of sound when read at a moderate speed. This length of story is best for audio guide listeners.