Most beautiful places in Colorado to see in 2021



Colorado is a year-round inspiring destination with stunning landscapes and diverse natural beauty. Tranquil mountain towns attract hikers, skiers, and outdoor enthusiasts of all types. You can take a scenic drive along highways and see some of the fantastic sites. Make sure to visit beautiful national parks and admire plenty of monuments that this state has to offer. Here's a list of the most beautiful places in Colorado to see in 2021.

Rocky Mountain National Park

While visiting Colorado, you should explore one of the most popular, the most eco-diverse, and the highest national parks in the U.S. - Rocky Mountain National Park. You'll see sublime mountain peaks, beautiful alpine lakes, calm meadows, glorious waterfalls, lush forests, tundra, and abundant wildlife. Take the Trail Ridge Road - the main driving route through the park, which reaches an altitude of 12,000 feet and offers access to genuinely incredible terrain. You can either sightsee from your car or stop along the way to take a walk or a hike and admire nature at its finest.

If you visit the gorgeous Rocky Mountain National Park during the summer, your options are endless, from kayaking, camping, and fishing, to horseback riding, climbing, and much more. Winters are uniquely beautiful with other sports and activities in the park, such as skiing, snowboarding, and Nordic walking.


A visit to Colorado won't be complete without a visit to its largest city - Denver. You'll enjoy spectacular mountain views and a ton of attractions (both indoors and outdoors). Denver is a beautiful city that attracts all generations and all types of tourists, from solo travelers to family travelers. It's a shopper's paradise as well as a foodie's paradise. This iconic city has mining and cowboy roots. Nowadays, it's famous for its thriving arts scene, interesting museums, diverse neighborhoods, pretty parks, and plentiful biking trails. You can hop on a gondola ride and spend an amazing day at Denver Zoo or Elitch Gardens amusement park. Then, gaze at the night skies during the visit to the Chamberlin Observatory.

Denver is the largest city in Colorado

Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is a hiker's paradise. This iconic place is surrounded by glacier-covered mountains and famous trails. Colorado Springs has an awesome downtown that you can explore on foot. This city is also the best base to access:

  • Pikes Peak - the famous national landmark
  • The Garden of the Gods - a unique natural treasure consisting of striking red rock formations that are several million years old

Garden of the Gods has diverse wildlife, so while wandering through this surreal scenery, you will see various species of birds, as well as foxes, sheep, and deer. While in this area, you should take a Pikes Peak Highway and go to the summit of the towering mountain. The highway makes it easily accessible to the average person, unlike many other mountain peaks. Once you're at the top, appreciate the view and enjoy various recreational opportunities.

Aspen - one of the most beautiful places in Colorado

Although Aspen is a mountain town, usually associated with world-class skiing and boarding, it also attracts non-skiers, and it's worth visiting every season. Its main allure is stunning mountain scenery. There are plenty of superb restaurants, galleries, high-end shops, spas, and luxury hotels. Warmer months are great for golfing, fly-fishing, and hiking. If you're searching for an adrenaline rush, you can try paragliding, mountain biking, and white-water rafting. Whatever activity you prefer, be prepared for breathtaking views and don't forget to take incredible photos. Near the town of Aspen, you can explore Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness and discover Colorado's most spectacular scenery.

Colorado state has many great trails for hiking

Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa Verde is an amazing historic site in Colorado. It is famous for its unique ancient cliff dwellings that date back to 600AD to 1300AD, as well as excellent hiking trails and lookout points throughout the park. For unknown reasons, this fascinating place was abandoned for a long time and forgotten for many years until a chance discovery by two cowboys in 1888.

The best attraction is the Cliff Palace - the biggest cliff home in the park consisting of more than 150 rooms. You can drive along the Mesa Top Loop Road to enjoy the views. Then, take a special guided tour or audio tour for greater understandings and discoveries. Learn all about the history of this impressive archaeological site and ancestral homes built by the Puebloan people. You'll be able to see ancient rock art along the Petroglyph Point Trail. Furthermore, camping beneath the stars will be excellent in these glorious surroundings.

Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve

If you want to see the tallest dunes in North America, you should definitely visit this exciting area of Colorado, consisting of the incredible landscape. Mountains in the distance create a stunning setting for adventurous visitors. Enthusiasts can climb and slide on the dunes or cruise on the board down the sand. During the hot days, you can refresh in Medano Creek that runs along the base of the dunes. Hiking trails are available throughout the forest on the edge of the dunes. You'll be amazed to see the unique terrain of Medano Pass Primitive Road. Besides enjoying a car ride, you can also find camping sites along the road.

Boulder County

When searching for the most beautiful places in Colorado to see in 2021, have in mind that Boulder County offers a plethora of adventures. You can start with exploring Boulder - a vibrant university town located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Natural surroundings are extraordinary. You'll be amazed by incredible scenery and fantastic views, as well as many other things such as great food. Stroll through lively streets and watch various performers. Visit local museums and art galleries. Gaze up at the Flatirons from the Chautauqua area and hike along many different trails. If you're up for even more adventures, you can enjoy rafting, biking, or skiing, depending on the season when you'll visit.

Boulder is one of the most beautiful places in Colorado to see in 2021

Final thoughts

Colorado state will amaze you with its natural wonders and diversity. Take your time to explore the most beautiful places in Colorado - from majestic mountains, rolling hills, serene alpine lakes, rivers, and waterfalls, all the way to the desert.


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