6 Benefits of Solo International Travel

The majority of people love to travel and discover new places. First, as children, we take family trips with our parents, then when we get older, we travel with our friends and partners. But how common is it to travel solo? It may seem strange at first because we think about loneliness.

But nothing is black and white, and there is a big difference between traveling alone and feeling lonely. It's finally time to let go of our prejudice and fears and start normalizing solo travel. It's not a weird or a foreign concept, but an urge to learn more about yourself while learning more about the world at the same time. Even though the advantages of traveling solo are countless, in this article, we've chosen the six main benefits of solo international travel.

#1 Enjoy the freedom and flexibility

When you travel alone, you have complete control from the beginning till the end of your journey. You are the one choosing between visiting London or New York this year; you choose the period when you travel and the length of the trip. You select the accommodation and city highlights to visit. On the other hand, when you travel with another person, you can't avoid compromising. Maybe you don't like the same activities. You may be a night owl and your companion a morning person. Somebody suffers from jet lags, while somebody doesn't. Some like their alarms set at 5 AM on vacation, while others don't even set the alarm. And that's ok. On a solo trip, you have no one to answer to except yourself.

Go whenever you want and however you want, listen to your body and move at your own pace. Spend each day any way you like. Nowadays, you can enjoy smart city tourism through some helpful apps and seize the day.


#2 Openness to new friendships

Getting to know locals and connecting with local culture and traditions are the reasons why people like traveling. Letting go of your everyday life and diving into new possibilities is what makes every trip unique and memorable. Be open and chat with people you wouldn't otherwise meet. Although you can do it while you're in a group, it's a lot easier when you're on your own. When you travel with others, you always have someone to talk to. When it's you alone, you have a bigger incentive to socialize with locals and have meaningful discussions.

There will be endless possibilities to socialize. You can start meeting interesting people right from the start, on your plane ride. Maybe not all friendships that started on a solo travel trip can last a lifetime, but you can at least have a good talk and expand your Facebook friend list.

#3 Simplicity and less stress

Planning a vacation with companions is always challenging. The higher number of people included in the group, the harder it is to make some simple arrangements. When traveling alone, you don't have to wait for anybody to book a plane ticket. You can decide today to travel tomorrow, pack your bags and go. There is no need to plan something for months in advance, with a high probability for someone to cancel the trip at the last minute. When searching for accommodation, you know the level of comfort you want, as well as the distance from the city center and amenities that you need or don't need. The whole planning and logistic processes become much simpler when you're a solo traveler.

Following other people's sleep schedules or daily routines can be overwhelming and frustrating. One of the benefits of solo international travel is that you can ensure you don't break your routine while traveling – you can exercise when you want and how long you want. Whether it is yoga on a terrace or quick cardio in the hotel's gym – you can follow your own schedule, and you don't have to miss anything.


#4 Sticking to your budget

Your holiday inspiration depends on your budget. Whether you want to keep your travel costs as low as possible or you want a luxury trip, it's easier to organize everything when you're on your own. There is no pressure or need to overspend if you don't want to. People usually loosen their budget on vacation, and they don't want to hold anyone back. Luckily, a solo traveler doesn't have that kind of problem. You have complete control and flexibility over your budget, and that's one of the crucial benefits of solo international travel.

#5 Growing as a person

In our daily lives, we are glad to stay inside our comfort zones. Although stepping out of your comfort zone certainly is a challenge, it's the best way to become a better version of yourself. The decision to go on a solo trip is the first step out of your comfort zone and a path to self-discovery. When you find yourself in a new place, you need to find a way to get around. You'll be the one making all the decisions, so you are the one responsible for their outcome. If something goes wrong, you need to find a way to fix it. In this sense, a solo trip will increase your confidence and your self-esteem.

Today, we are constantly bombarded by stimulation – either by connecting to others or the Internet. That's why each of us needs a chance to sit down and be in the moment. Traveling alone will give you an opportunity to:

  • Get off the beaten path
  • Enjoy some quiet time whenever you want
  • Literally go where the wind blows you
  • Follow your instincts
  • Have fantastic travel stories and unique memories

Furthermore, you will learn more about who you really are and who you want to be. Get in touch with your personality and start making your dreams come true - unburdened and free.


#6 More time

Nobody likes spending too much time at sites they don't like and not getting to see much of those they do. Some people can spend almost a whole day in a café reading a good book. Others want to run all over the place and see everything there is to see. When traveling alone, you can spend as many hours in a museum as you like. You can use an audio tour guide and enjoy exhibitions you wanted to visit for so long. Do what feels right; no need to explain yourself to anyone.


Now that you know all the benefits of solo international travel, follow your intuition and decide where to go next. You can have the best moment of your life while traveling. People you love and respect at home will also see positive changes in you. Solo travel will broaden your perspective, make you happier, and make you appreciate each day more, wherever in the world you may be.



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