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Audio tourAudiotour: Hannes Taugwalder (1910 – 2007)

Hannes Taugwalder was born on 21st December 1910 in Zermatt and grew up there. He left the valley, then worked as the Director of a knitwear factory and became a self-employed manufacturer of women’s and children’s clothing. He has also written several novels, short stories, poems, radio plays and stage plays. He describes his childhood memories in Zermatt in his book ‘The Lost Valley’. Readers are introduced to the everyday life of a mountain farming family in the years following the First World War.

The audio guide (chargeable) offers a unique opportunity to get to know olden-day Zermatt from the viewpoint of two different people: Hannes Taugwalder and Edward Whymper.

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  • Mansi Amlani

    5 out of 5 rating 09-03-2018

    wonderfully made....very informative

  • Leila Ivarsson

    5 out of 5 rating 12-29-2017

    Schön die alte Heimat mal aus historischer Sicht zu betrachten.