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About the quest

Emma was a rich woman and a man came to steal some diamonds, rubies, sapphires.....But Emma wanted to stop the man and she was decapitated. The treasure of Emma is very heavy for the thief. But he has take a 6 keys. You must found them!!!!! 

Does everybody needs to eat?
In my opinion yes, you must eat and the cows as well. What do they eat and in which dish do they eat?

Quest location

  • Brémontier-Merval, Dieppe, Seine-Maritime, Normandie, Metropolitan Frankrike, 76220, Frankrike

Det här uppdraget består av gåtor och mysterier. Du kan lösa dem genom att hitta ledtrådar på plats. De rätta svaren låser upp nya utmaningar. Hitta det här uppdraget i izi.TRAVEL-appen. Ladda ner nu för att börja.


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