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This section takes into account the path through medieval Nicosia, and therefore through its countless religious buildings and the valuable works in them.

This route can begin from Mount San Giorgio, with the remains of the Castle, then continue with the ancient church and village of Santa Nicolella from which the future city grew and grew.

Crossing the ancient streets of the historic center, you can continue with the Cathedral of San Nicolò and its wonderful painted wooden ceiling, located in Piazza Garibaldi, and a little further on, in Via B. Provenzale, with the portal of S. Francesco d' Assisi.

Along Via F.lli Testa you can admire the Church of S. Antonio Abate and, just below, the remains of the convent of San Benedetto.

On the contrary, the church of SS. Salvatore, while with the ancient church of S. Michele, you can conclude this path, certainly not exhaustive and constantly intersected by that through Baroque and Seventeenth-Eighteenth Nicosia, to which you.

Narrator: Maria Cristina Garigliano.

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