How to Commission an Audio Guide Project?

A growing number of museums, heritage organisations and destination marketing organisations find funding to produce audio guides for their visitors. Some of them approach izi.TRAVEL with a question “how to organise an audio guide project and how to find a professional to manage the projects?”. This article gives you an overview of scenarios to outsource your tour project.

In a audio guide project there are three main elements; the stories, the production and publication of media and the promotion. The stori es are collected by research or by interviewing experts in your field. The media is produced via scriptwriting and voiceover or by recording real interviews. Or a combination of these two. Finally the publication the audio guide requires basic technical skills to operate the izi.TRAVEL platform and understand the value of promotion of your guide.

Prepare a Request for Proposal (RfP)

To get quotes for an audio guide project describe the outline of your project and the basic requirements of your audio guide. Make sure you include the following elements:

  • Description of the organisation and the goal of the guide
  • Type of guide (indoor, outdoor or quest) and the target audience
  • Number of guides and estimated number of stops per guides
  • Languages
  • Planning
  • Promotion
  • Optional: available budget
  • Optional: additional requests like quizzes, video’s or promotional events

Please note that your requirements may change as you discuss the project with the professional, so rough estimations on the numbers are fine to start with. A typical RfP for a tour project is about one page.

Where to find an audio guide professional?

To find professionals there are multiple ways:

Via the professional communities on Facebook

Since 2013 izi.TRAVEL has developed a broad community of Storytelling professionals who are experienced in handling audio guide projects. There is an international group and a eurasian group. You can post your request for proposal in these groups. (open international community on FB)

Via a local network of Storytellers

Probably the easiest way to find a professional storyteller is to explore your local network. Make a call to your local radio station, or contact a sound studio. You may invite a journalist from your local newspaper. Students can also be a very valid resource for support. Often they also have studios and even local radio. Set up an internship to create guides to get them in. For (cheap) voice over recording you can contact your local theatre academy.

Find a freelancer via an online marketplace

There are many online marketplaces were freelance projects are commissioned. Our team has good experience with finding voice over talents via Just pick a voice, send them your script and ask for a quote. And don’t forget to negotiate the price!

Become a professional yourself

izi.TRAVEL has an extensive online academy to learn all about the trick and trades of professional storytelling. Watch the instruction video’s or follow the full course via and produce not only your own project, but projects of many others too!

Ask the izi-staff

izi.TRAVEL does not produce audio guides. But we do have a network of contacts that may help you. If you have a Request for Proposal prepared we can forward it to a number of professionals.

Promotion, Promotion, Promotion

Now that you have commissioned your audio guide project to a professional you are assured that you will get the proper help to deliver your stories to your audience. Just remember that the success of your guide lies in the way your promote it.

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