Audio Guide Usage: iPhone versus Android in 2018

Users of iPhones and Android choose different audio guides

It is no secret that the iOS and Android users often argue which OS is better. But most often, such disputes shortly shift from phone comparison to comparing preferences of their owners.

While some people love openness and versatility, others prefer perfection in every detail.  To check if there is a difference between iOS and Android fans in their choice of museums and tours we decided to have a little fun with statistics of izi.TRAVEL , the global mobile storytelling platform izi.TRAVEL has published over 8,500 free audio guides in 2000 cities around the world.

And we found some remarkable results!!

The research is based on statistics of museums and outdoor audio guides of Moscow and some popular European cities. While analyzing the numbers we should take into account the fact that Android dominates the world smartphone market, and Android users make about 57% of the users on izi.TRAVEL.  Also, this research has no ambition to be scientific; it's just fun.

Let's start with museums

Of all the users of audio guides of the Pushkin Museum , exactly half are Android users.

But when one looks deeply, it turns out that the Green Robot fans tend to visit classical exhibitions in the main building of the museum . Apple Addicts support rebels in art (even if they became modern classics) and visit the Art Gallery of Europe and America to see the exhibits of impressionists and other artists of the XIX-XX centuries the most.

The same trend is noticeable in the Tretyakov Gallery . Android users clearly top the charts in the building at Lavrushinsky Lane , where classical Russian art is represented, while Apple users lead in the New Tretyakov Gallery , where the Russian avant-garde of the 20th century is displayed. Finally, statistics of the unique audio excursion "Personal stories" , where stories about avant-garde works are told by local celebrities, show that the ratio of iPhones listeners is already at ⅔.

The differences in personal preferences are most clearly presented at the newly opened Banksy exhibition . More than 75% of audio tours have used the audio guide with iPhones!

And what about Europe? It’s the same picture: the proportion of audio guide listeners on iPhones in the very classic the Uffizi Gallery make only 39% of the audience, but in the Van Gogh Museum - it’s already 64%, and in the newly opened and quite classic, but very fashionable Rijksmuseum of Amsterdam - 71%!

What about outside museums and city walks?

Let's start with parks

The differences are clear not only in the choice of the parks, but also in the choice for a specific tour. The iOS / Android ratio in the Gorky Park is 50/50, while in the classical Tsaritsyno park it’s 39/61. However, there are two audio walking tours available in Gorky Park. One is a light, general tour around the park another one is a more serious one: Gorky Park during WWII. The first is often chosen by the Android owners, and the second - iPhones.

In the Tsaritsyno Palace , the share of iPhone audio guide users is 48%, whereas in the park, where four thematic audio tours are presented - it’s only 36%. Out of these four excursions, one stands out, the one that was voiced over by the director of the museum-reserve Elizaveta Fokina personally: it's remarkable that the percentage of iPhone users who want to walk around the park guided by director herself increased to 51%!  It's not clear to me why the owners of Android do not want to take a walk with a museum director.

Outdoor tours

It looks like the owners of Android prefer the outdoor walking tours while iPhone users choose the museum excursions.

To check it we've analyzed statistics of over 150 audio walking tours in numerous cities around the world created by publishing house "Vokrug Sveta" . It turns out that 63% of users are Android owners. This seems like a huge difference! But let us remind you that in overall, the number of Android owners is much larger compared to Apple globally.

But what if the iPhone owners were searching for something special in this case as well?

We've studied dozens of audio tours published by Urbirun who specializes in creating not ordinary guides but the audio running tours. And... *drumroll*, 60% of users are iPhone users!



To sum up: the statistics on the use of audio guides shows that Android owners may be more conservative, prefer outdoor sightseeing to visiting museums, but if they decide to go to a museum, they choose traditional and classical exhibitions. iPhone owners, on average, tend to visit museums, prefer modern art to the classical one, and choose special authors and exclusive tours.

It confirms a popular belief that iPhone users are creative people who are always leaning towards the extraordinary, nontraditional and innovative things. Even during sightseeing, they would rather go jogging than walking.

Looking at this from a different angle we can say that Android users are just less likely to follow fashionable trends. They choose traditional values and spiritual ties.

Among the numerous audio tours published on izi.TRAVEL, there are several tours created by the LGBT+ community. For example, this tour of Canadian Edmonton about the struggle of the sexual minority for their rights.

It turns out that 71% of listeners of this tour are iPhone owners. We don't even know how to interpret it….

But what we do know for sure is that we appreciate all our users equally and we can offer interesting audio tours to suit every taste in any of the 100 countries represented on izi.TRAVEL.

And we confess that some of our business developers are Apple Addicts. So keep it in mind when you are sharing this article!

The izi.TRAVEL team