5 Things You Can Bring on Your Next Trip to Make Your Vacation Better



If you're itching to start traveling again this year, you're not alone. Travel Professional News found that the biggest global travel trends of 2022 will see travelers spending bigger on longer international trips in the months ahead. This is due to the savings accrued from years of staying indoors, as well as the decreasing appeal of domestic travel spurred by the pandemic. In fact, over half the respondents cited by the travel resource reveal that these are their exact plans for 2022 — and you might even be one of them.

If this is your first time embarking on a big trip or you simply haven't traveled in a while, you might be wondering what exactly to pack in your suitcase. Here, we've compiled a list of items that can take your dream vacation to the next level.



Traveling bookworms can do better than cutting thick books in half. Modern e-readers can hold thousands of books while being slim and small enough to fit in your pocket. Their e-ink technology mimics real paper, prevents eye strain, saves power, and eliminates glare — so you can read even in direct sunlight. The Kindle Paperwhite is today's leading e-reader: it's waterproof, has a month-long battery life, and even comes with warm backlighting so you can read in bed without disrupting your sleep cycle.


Mini liquor traveling case

When traveling, alcohol is usually one of the biggest expenses. And if you are someone who likes variation then the bills can quickly stack up. A mini liquor traveling case, usually containing four 50ml bottles, will allow you to bring your own mini bar with you. The size of the bottles will also mean that you will have no issues storing them in your check-in luggage if flying. Companies like The BAR2GO have designed these cases to be as space efficient as possible. Perfect for an impromptu cocktail session on the beach.


Nicotine pouches

Like alcohol, bringing tobacco products while traveling can be an issue. Long plane rides and no-smoking zones can be difficult ordeals for those who consume nicotine while traveling the globe. If you're one of them, you may be interested in the nicotine pouch, which is most similar to the Swedish snu. However, Prilla states that compared to traditional tobacco products, they're cheaper, easier to dispose of, and are hygienic: You'll not only avoid excess salivation, foul breath, mouth staining, and smoke odors, but have a clean, discreet way to bring nicotine along for the ride.


Pocket blanket

Nothing beats an impromptu picnic or beach visit — but if you're on a long trip, you might not have the space to pack an extra blanket or mat. This is where pocket blankets come in. They're not only made with waterproof, rip- and puncture-resistant fabric, but can be rolled up so small that they fit in the palm of your hand. Pocket blankets offered by brands like Matador even come with corner weights and stakes to keep you comfy even in breezy weather.


Interactive travel guides

When exploring culturally-rich cities like Prague and Barcelona at your own pace, bring our free izi.TRAVEL app with you. It provides engaging multimedia experiences with interactive audio guides, photos, videos, and quizzes in the language of your choice. You can even keep your phone's GPS on to trigger stories when you pass by historic locations. It's a great way to explore both known sites and hidden gems during your stay — all while passing as a local.

What makes the perfect vacation is the experience, and this can be accomplished if you have some handy items that help make things more enjoyable. Hopefully, a few of the things on this list will help you have a wonderful trip away.


Photo by Vlada Karpovich