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Welcome to the collection: The Migration Series (1992-2002)
In 1990 the artist, Stephen Copland discovered a diary written in Australia in 1911, a postcard album made in Cuba in 1907 and embroidery by his grandmother, Julia Elias Menayer. The diary written in Spanish describes her feelings on arrival in Melbourne from Cuba and subsequent passage to Dunedin. New Zealand. Her family were from El Mina, Tripoli and migrated to Cuba in 1887 where Julia was raised in a small town called Bejucal. The artist decided to create artworks retelling her story through her words and images and “return her memories to her origins” retracing her steps through visual art exhibitions.

In 1993, Copland exhibited ‘Suspiros y Ansias’, (trans. Sighs and Anxieties); at the Fayad Jamis Galeria, Havana. Then in Dunedin, NZ in 1995 at the Settlers Museum, he exhibited; ‘Julia-an exile in love’. In 1999 he showed ‘Julia’s diary –An immigrants story’ at the Immigration Museum, Melbourne.
Later that year Copland took this exhibition to Lebanon, (Beirut and Tripoli) as part of the 1999 UNESCO cultural festival.

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