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The Itinerant: fragments of journey

"The Itinerant" is an artistic installation designed and executed by Michela Rompato, artist from Vicenza, and to be installed in the bedrooms of the prestigious Hotel Da Porto of Vicenza after the total renovation of the winter of 2017.

To conceive this artistic project, Michela Rompato try to identify  herself with the uniqueness of each of the thousands of people transiting through this international hotel and bringing in their luggage a multitude of stories lived and to be lived.The symbolic element used is that of "tesseras": colored and all dissimilar in surface and shape, they represent the metaphor of the individual and of his uniqueness in the art of Michela Rompato.

"The Itinerant" is an installation based on fragments that aims to represent the different ways of coping with the contrasting journey of life.

It consists of 5 types of fragments - Straight Way, Different Way, Alternative Way, Out of the Center, One in the Center - randomly placed in the hotel rooms for a total of 54 artworks.

Each fragment measures 40x120 cm and is made with acrylic, stucco, enamel, sometimes pearls, on a wooden board. By this artistic project Michela Rompato suggests the people an approach to travel and to life, in which the they will be able, or not, to mirror themselves.

The same artist has produced a single installation "The itinerant", a synthesis of the 5 types of fragments and placed in the common areas of the hotel.

In addition to the collection “L'itinerante”, the hotel hosts a temporary exhibition of a selection of canvases and installations by the artist Michela Rompato.

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