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In the living residence of former Epiphany Monastery another branch museum of the Museum-Reserve is located within the halls of the Museum of the Belarusian Book-Printing. It is the Museum-Library of Simeon of Polotsk.

The museum was opened on March 25, 1994. Exposition occupies 134.5 sq.m. and displays 145 museum objects.

Books placed in two tiers, busts of philosophers, reading-room and a big globe complete the image of the West-European library of the 18th century that was artistically used by Polotsk designer I. Kurzhalov to decorate the museum’s interior.

The exposition tells about different periods of Simeon of Polotsk’s life and work: about the earliest Polotsk period, about the years of study in Kiev and Vilno, about Moscow period.

The emphasis of the exposition is given to the literary and publishing activities of Simeon of Polotsk. Museum showcases hold original books “Testament” (1680), “Soulful Supper” (1683), “The Baton of Command” (1753); as well as copies of the enlightener’s manuscripts, his figured Baroque verses, books of the 17th-18th centuries, writings of contemporary scientists, dedicated to life and work of the famous Polotsk citizen.

Besides that, Museum-Library holds a part of the collection of printed editions from the depositary of the Museum-Reserve and scientific library collection. There’s also a reading room for 10 people.

Various presentations, meetings with famous poets and writers, scientific conferences are held in the Museum-Library.

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  • 22, Нижне-Покровская улица, Вялікі пасад, Центр, Полоцк, Полоцкий район, Витебская область, 211408, Беларусь
  • http://simeon.polotsk.museum.by/


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    озвучка классная, но есть минус тчто не понятно что он говорит, а так 5 звёзд.

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