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Mikhail Vasilyevich Frunze was a talented commander and military theorist, one of the founders of the Soviet Army and a major statesman. The House-Museum of Frunze was opened to public in 1925. In 1967 a concrete and glass building, which was a project of the architects Karikh and Kutateladze, was built to surround the house-museum.

The adobe house with the bulrush roof, built in 1879 now sits within the building in the marble hall, on the ground floor. The facade of Frunze’s memorial museum has a unique monumental painting made of concrete painted byKamensky, Bakashev, Voronin, Khabibulin. The painting represents a thematic bas-relief of revolution and the Civil war.

Along with the military, Mikhail Vasilievich carried out great state and political work among the population. He was interested in economic issues. He did a lot to strengthen people’s international friendship. Mikhail Vasilievich was dedicated to strengthening the military capacity of the Red Army, increasing its political and military training.                                                                                                

Vasily Mikhailovich, the father of the commander, submitted a request for the allocation of land in Pishpek city to build a house. In this house in Frunze family two sons were born - Konstantin in 1880 and Mikhail in 1885 and three daughters: Claudia, Lyudmila, Lydia. An outpatient clinic was built next the house, in which Vasily Mikhailovich was a district feldsher.

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  • Мемориальный дом-музей М.В.Фрунзе, 364, Михаила Фрунзе улица, Первомайский район, город Бишкек, 720014, Киргизия
  • http://domfrunze.kg


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