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Good afternoon, dear visitors.We are pleased to greetyou in the Museum of Archaeology of BasilyNazarovichKarazinKharkivNational University. The exhibition presents the most interesting and informative artifacts that reflect various aspects of human life from ancient times to nowadays. In addition, the exhibition reflects the contribution of the University researchers to archaeological science, whose portraits are now in front of you. We are beginning our excursion from these personalities.

The interest in antiquities began to formin Kharkiv National University since the very beginning of its foundation – in 1804-1805. The initial steps in this direction were made by the first rectorIvan Rizhsky who in 1807passed the archaeological materials from the excavations of the ancient Greek colony of Olbiatoa newly established cabinet of curiosities of the University.

The study of the ancient history ofKharkiv region is directly related to the founder of the University – BasilyKarazin. The merit of VadimPasekwho was the first to start exploringsystematically and excavating archaeological monuments in Kharkiv region is undoubted.

The Archaeological Congress XII held in Kharkiv in 1902 contributed to the further development of archaeological science in the region. The Preparatory Committee was attended by 38 professors and teachers of the University, among whom a special merit of Dmitry Bagaley and Eugene Trifil`yev should be noted. Thanks to the Congress there wereoutlined the main archaeological scientific schools, which were developing at the University later.

In 1919 there was established the Museum of Archaeology as an independent scientific organization at Kharkiv University. Alexander Fiedorovsky, who devoted his life to archaeology, organizing and conducting excavations in different parts of Kharkiv and Kharkiv region, had been its first director right up to 1936.

In 1936in the University there were restored the historical departments abolished after the revolution – a new stage in the development of archaeology began. The department of Ancient History and Archaeology from 1937 to 1951 was headed by Professor SiemionSiemionov-Zuserwho was studying ancient and Scythian monuments of the Northern Black seacoast.

University archeological science reached a new level with the advent to the University in the late fifties of the last century of the famous archaeologist and museologist Konstantin Grinievitch, whose activity is associated with the first underwater research of the submerged part of the most famous ancient city in the Northern Black Sea coast – TauricChersonesos.

Since late fifties – early sixties of the XX century two directions of the scientific research have been developing at the University. The first of them is connected with the study of ancient monuments of the Northern Black Seacoast. The basis of the direction was the study of TauricChersonesos and its surrounding area, which was headed by Vladimir Kadieyev, as well asancient Maslin settlement that was under the influence of Chersonese headed by Valeria Latysheva. Valery Mescheriakov studied religious and iconic component of ancient Chersonesos.

Archaeological researches of Boris Shramko were devoted to the study of the history of the Dnieper-Donets basin in Early Iron Age. Soon his disciples, archaeologists Vladimir Mikhieyev, AndreyKryganovwhose area of interests was ancientSaltov archaeological culture as a reflection of the history of the Northwestern outskirts of KhazarKhanate, began to join the independent expedition work. Among the disciples of Boris AndrieievichShramko it is also necessary to distinguishYuryBuynov and Sergey Beriestnev who made a significant contribution to the study of antiquities of Bronze Age.

In addition, in the window you can see the papers and personal belongings of the scientists, and at the bottom – the simulation of the excavation.

You are supposed to like the exposition of the Museum of Archeology.Enjoy the viewing!

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  • Держпром, 5, Свободи майдан, Держпром, Харків, Шевченківський район, Харківська міська рада, Regiunea Harkiv, 61000-61499, Україна


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  • Екатерина

    5 out of 5 rating 08-30-2017

    Несколько раз была в этом прекрасном музее со своей семьей. Впечатляющие экспозиции, особенно стеклянные вставки в полу с погребениями и настоящими! скелетами. Очень приятные сотрудники, провели бесплатно экскурсию и ответили на наши вопросы)

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