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The Friends of Brandywine Springs (FOBS) is a non-profit, all volunteer organization dedicated to the improvement and historical restoration of the Brandywine Springs Amusement Park. New Castle County Special Services Department now manages Brandywine Springs Park, located at Newport Gap Pike and Faulkland Road.

 The Friends of Brandywine Springs do not intend to rebuild the amusement park. Our plan is to create a historical nature walk. We want to make a clear, safe trail for visitors to stroll through the park and learn a little Delaware history while enjoying the natural surroundings.

 The following are some of our primary goals:

 Provide a handicapped-accessible mulched trail along the path of the old trolley line and down the old boardwalk.

Two footbridges have been put in place to allow visitors a continuous walking path.
Install signs with photographs to explain what once stood at sites where foundations are visible (some are already up)!

Preserve and protect the remaining historic foundations.

The lake was restored by the County in 2009. The County is still tuning the system to allow the lake to look as it did in 1900.

Control multiflora rose and honeysuckle at various places in the park. Plants which would attract wildlife could then be introduced.

Plant wildflowers on the hillside to help control erosion.

Create a natural barrier of plants, trees, and shrubs to maintain the privacy of nearby residents.

Continue research, including archaeological digs with the Archaeological Society of Delaware, to find footings of the buildings and rides in the park and mark them appropriately.

Artifacts from the amusement park can be seen in the Red Clay Valley Visitor's Center and Museum located on the Wilmington & Western Railroad's Greenbank Station property on Route 41 near
Prices Corner.

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  • 3300 Faulkland Road, Wilmngton, DE 19808
    Wilmington, Verenigde Staten


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