AudiotourBaroque walk between 1700 and 1800

In this last section of the audioguide will be considered the path through Baroque and XVIII-XIX century in Nicosia, continually intersected by that through medieval Nicosia to which reference is made.
This can be started in the suggestive Piazza Garibaldi, which offers an image of Nicosia in the XVIII-XIX century, with its palaces, including the majestic Palazzo Comunale, and Palazzo La Via, in which there are the oratory of S. Filippo Neri.
From here, crossing Via Francesco Salomone, you can go up to the little church of San Giuseppe, then come to the church of San Vincenzo and the Basilica of S.M. Maggiore.
After admiring the scenic panorama offered by the area, you can go down to San Felice's Birth House and return to Piazza Garibaldi, through which you arrive in Via F.lli Testa, hosting the church of SS. Sacramento and that of San Calogero, currently the seat of the exhibition "Guido Reni and Magnificent Beauty".
Continuing for Via G. B. Li Volsi, towards the square named after the homonymous Church of San Francesco di Paola, meets the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Carmine.
The route can be concluded with the Convent of the Friars Minor Cappuccini and the adjacent Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli.

Narrator: Maria Cristina Garigliano.

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