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About the quest

The prison in Valence city

Here is a prison in Valence.
The prison is located in Valence center. This is to penalize a persons who did a fault and/or protect people from dangerous persons.
I choose valence prison because there is also a prison in New York city and low in the 2 city.The New York prison is bigger than Valence prison because New York prison is 1672 Km² and Valence prison is 0,03km².

The park jouvet in Valence city

Here is the park Jouvet.
The park Jouvet is located in Valence center where people are walking. I choose Valence park because there is also a park in New York city in the center near building. Valence park is a lot smaller than central park in New York (0,072 km² versus 3,41 km²).

The wheel in Valence

Here is a wheel for Christmas. In December this wheel is installed in valence center where people can see the city from a high point. I choose Valence wheel because there is also the most big wheel in the world at New York. Valence wheel is a lot smaller than New York wheel. ( 35 meters versus 192m)

Quest location

  • Chemin Joseph Astier, Valence, Drôme, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Metropolitaans Frankrijk, 26000, Frankrijk

The quest can only be completed on location using the izi.TRAVEL app. Please, download now to get started.


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