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The Annunciation, painted by Guido Reni, “admired by every virtuosos as one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful among his fabulous paintings”, as attested by the ancient sources, arrives in Nicosia for the first time. From the Ascoli Piceno’s Civic Art Gallery, the painting reaches the heart of Sicily for this special occasion, where it becomes the testimonial of that huge Marchigian artistic heritage hurt by the last earthquake that has hit the centre of Italy. In fact, this exhibition has born with the aim of supporting the restoration of a deeply damaged artwork, held in the Ascoli land. On the presbytery of San Calogero’s church, a jewel of the sicilian baroque to be protected, preserved and rediscovered, are situated three works: in the middle, in front of the high altar, the Guido Reni’s Annunciation, that shows itself in its “timeless” greatest beauty and, on either side, the two pendant canvas of the caravaggesque painter Giacinto Brandi, the Beatified Abbot Bernard, on the left, and Saint Benedict Abbot, on the right, coming from the Ascoli Piceno church of St. Angel the Great , from where they were removed due to the damages suffered for the earthquake on 30th October 2016. In fact, the Church risked being swept away by the collapse of the bell tower, so for precautionary reasons, before the dismantling of the bell tower top parts, with the help of the Fire Brigade and the Carabinieri of the Cultural Heritage Protection Unit, the paintings have been moved to the municipal deposit of Forte Malatesta.

Texts of this audioguide were written by the Director of the Civic Art Gallery of Ascoli Piceno, Dr. Stefano Papetti and Dr. Antonio D'amico and translated by Dr. Serena Cavallaro.

The project was realized by the Tourist Office of the Municipality of Nicosia in collaboration with the volunteers of the Civil Service at the Pro Loco of Nicosia, Dr. Maria Cristina Garigliano and Dr. Marzia Projetto.
This audioguide is part of the project Sicilia Beni Culturali on izi.TRAVEL, coordinated by Elisa Bonacini.

Narrator: Maria Cristina Garigliano



Masterpieces from Ascoli Piceno


Visit the exhibition and give your contribution to the restoration of the artworks damaged by the earthquake that hit the Marche
31st MAY | 5th NOVEMBER | 2017

Opening time:

From Tuesday to Friday from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Edited by Stefano Papetti and Antonio D'Amico


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