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The Holy Week of Enna is one of the most spectacular and full of pathos events in the Sicily .

The whole city is involved with 2500 brothers that parade, involving the council and the clergy. In the 16 churches, seats of the respective brotherhoods, all the items that will be brought in the procession are prepared.

The Holy Week is full of history and symbols related to customs that have been handed down for centuries, even since the period of the Spanish rule.

The band accompanies the procession with sad melodies, written by some composers of Enna.

From Palm Sunday to Good Friday the brotherhoods' flags will be closed as a sign of mourning.

From Monday 10 to Thursday, April 13 from 8.30 to 01.00 am and from 5.00 to 08,00 pm, the students of Liceo Linguistico Abramo Lincoln of Enna will conduct a free guided tour for all tourists who wants to visit some of the churches, home of the brotherhoods, chiesa della Passione, dAnime Sante, S. Giuseppe, Addolorata, S. Tommaso and S. Francesco d'Assisi, the Cathedral and The Lombardia Castle.

During these days the car traffic is limited but there is a shuttle bus service between lower only friday  and Enna and for travellling within the city.

The lighting is replaced by torches, the silence that follows the procession is stopped only by the notes of the band creating an atmosphere of engaging religiosity.

This audio guide was created by Patrizia Fundrisi of the Enna Tourist Service and is part of the Sicilia Beni Culturali project for izi.TRAVEL coordinated by Elisa Bonacini, University of Catania.

Electronic voice recordings are provided by Izi.Travel

Thanks to the students of the Enna Linguistic Lyceum A Lincoln for all the translations.

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  • Camera di Commercio, Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi, Enna Bassa, Enna, Sicilia, 94100, Italia


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