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VIA AMELIA AUDIO GUIDE - a tourist trail through the Dolomites produced by Leannta Publishing in collaboration with Museo DOLOM.IT.

VIA AMELIA was charted by Amelia Edwards and Lucy Renshaw in 1872 and described in Amelia's book Untrodden Peaks and Unfrequented Valleys, first published in 1873. It remains one of the most popular and enjoyable tourist guides ever written about the Dolomites.

More than a century later, inspired by Amelia's detailed account of her and Lucy's travels, siblings Alan and Susan Boyle retraced their steps. In the course of their research, over three years, Susan and Alan followed Amelia and Lucy's exact route, from Venice to Bolzano, by train, road and footpath: through the same valleys, across the same mountain passes and over, or around, the same peaks. Along the way they stopped in the same villages that Amelia and Lucy visited to discover what had happened to the inns where they slept, and to search for descendants of people they met.

The purpose of Susan and Alan's research was to discover, what has changed? And what, if anything, remains the same? Obvious improvements in travel and accommodation made their journey much more comfortable that Amelia and Lucy's. What surprised Alan and Susan were the things that remain the same. This is the theme of their book Spirits of the Dolomites which intertwines two stories about the same journey, followed by complete strangers, with a shared passion for these majestic mountains, almost 150 years apart.

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Amelia and Lucy's pioneering journey in 2022, Leannta Publishing has teamed up with Museo Dolom.it to design and produce the VIA AMELIA audio guide, available free from izi.travel - the storytelling platform.

VIA AMELIA audio guide brings Amelia's descriptions and sketches back to life. It is an open invitation to follow Amelia, as our guide, 150 years later, and consider:

• What has changed?

• What remains the same?

• What must we do to protect our precious natural and cultural heritage?

VIA AMELIA consists of 10 independent itineraries, each guided by Amelia herself:

1. Venice to Cortina

2. At Cortina

3. Cortina Giro

4. Cortina to Caprile

5. At Caprile

6. Caprile to San Martino di Castrozza (Primiero Giro part 1)

7. San Martino di Castrozza to Caprile (Primiero Giro part 2)

8. Zoldo Giro

9. Caprile to Corvara

10. Corvara to Bolzano

Each itinerary includes up to 10 locations, traced on the map. At each location, Amelia describes, or sketches, what it was like in 1872, before tourists arrived in the Dolomites. We provide directions to follow Amelia by today's public transport. Some sections are best completed on foot. The itineraries may be followed in any order.

By following all 10 itineraries you pass through an all-embracing tour of this unique World Heritage Site, designated by UNESCO for the outstanding beauty of the landscape.