Children's art museum

Children's art museum is the space for the exhibitions where students from the National Center of Aesthetics present their works.

Fine Arts and Decorative Applied Arts studio-college is one of the important parts of the educational complex named the National Center of Aesthetics (NCA) in Yerevan, Armenia initiated and headed for a long time by art critic Henrik Igityan. It has existed for more than 30 years. Similar to other parts of the Center, the studio-college is devoted to providing an aesthetic education and art practice for children and teenagers. All of the 7 workshops of the studio give specialized classes in various disciplines of art, such as ceramics, drawing, etching, sculpting, decorative applied arts, embroidery, carpet-weaving and so on. The active creative process is of great importance in these workshops, as well as the conceptions of the art supervisors and teachers, analyses of new ideas and realizations of different creative collaborative projects. Gradually these conceptions evolve into the realization of group exhibitions suggested by teachers of the studio or by invited guests. Works resulting from these projects are displayed in the Children's art museum of Armenia, as well as in other exhibition halls of the city
or abroad (Russia, Austria, Japan, Germany, France, Ukraine, Lebanon, and so on). Numerous books have been printed about different occasions of participation in the exhibitions and projects. The studio-college has realized different types of collaborations with the other institutions both locally and internationally.