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The Museum of Occupations provides an overview of Estonian society during three periods of occupation: the first Soviet occupation 1940–1941, the German occupation 1941–1944, and the second Soviet occupation 1944–1991. The objective of the museum is to show how Estonian society – repressed as it was – managed to survive and how it rose to the occasion of restoring statehood at the first opportunity that presented itself.

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  • Traveler

    4 out of 5 rating 11-26-2018

    The dedication is there but the topic is not very well explained.

  • Good system

    2 out of 5 rating 10-11-2017

    not well enough explained

  • Good system

    4 out of 5 rating 09-13-2017

    not well enough explained

  • Good system

    2 out of 5 rating 08-13-2017

    not well enough explained

  • Traveler

    3 out of 5 rating 08-07-2017

    we can t hear the comments in television because the sounds of 2 televions ! what a pity one too near the other

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