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This podcast was designed to deliver information concerning a rather public and topical discussion about museums from a museology and heritage perspective. Making use of the more casual and informative format of the podcast, this was designed to engage the listeners with the facts surrounding both sides of the issue of the displaying of human remains in museums. Using the case study of the Melbourne Museum, and their recent Viking exhibit, this podcast presents the framework in which the issue has arisen and seeks to explain the cultural issues which are acting to influence both sides of the debate. It then explains the wider museum framework surrounding this and offers alternative solutions to what might be seen as an otherwise divisive approach taken by the Melbourne Museum.

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  • Forest Gallery, Melbourne Museum Car Park, Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria, 3053, Australie


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  • Traveler

    2 out of 5 rating 05-24-2019

    Extremely outdated views and arguements

  • Jonathan

    3 out of 5 rating 06-22-2018

    An interesting discussion but a rather tenuous link to the Viking exhibition.

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