The Royal Library of Belgium

The Royal Library is situated on the Mont des Arts in Brussels, and is the national library of the Belgian State since 1837.

A heritage and research library

The Royal Library is the national library of the Belgian State since 1837. Housed in buildings inaugurated in 1969 in memory of King Albert I, our institution assumes a dual role as both a national and scientific library.

Conserving for future generations

The Royal Library has a multi-faceted role, which explains the wide range of services we offer. We are involved in scientific work through research and publications, in cultural life through our services, activities and status as a national site of memory, and in social life through public service and our various educational and awareness-raising activities.

We also manage the Legal Deposit of Belgian publications. Since 1966 it has been our responsibility to acquire, catalogue, conserve and keep a bibliography of all items published in Belgium and all those published abroad by Belgian authors. This means that a unique collection as well as an extensive body of scientific information is available to you.