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Audio tourSutton Hoo Story at British Museum

The march of time is relentless. It turns castles into ruins, empires into dust, heroes into ashes. Yet not even time is capable of destroying the memory of King Rædwald and his brave friend Edwin. For the flame of their glory shone so brightly that its glow can still be made out today, through the pall of the centuries that have elapsed since then. And if you listen carefully to the whisper of the ancient tales of their heroic deeds, you can also hear the echoes of raging battles, strange incantations melodic and mysterious, and the utterances of magical creatures. So remarkable were their epic feats that they will live on for all eternity.
For the exploits of man become history, and history becomes the stuff of legend.

Illustrations – Vladimir Zenin:

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  • Michael R

    4 out of 5 rating 04-06-2016

    An interesting story well told. This kind of media allows you to hear and listen to stories and information that you may never get to know.

  • Jennifer Sunseri

    5 out of 5 rating 02-21-2016

    What a magical journey, and the narrators are excellent. Thank you so much for this!