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We're proud to introduce you to Longitude-Latitude: Migration as Art created by Australian artist Stephen Copland. The archive represents two decades of art interpreting themes of migration: migration for family reunion, the migration of asylum seekers and a personal migration for work.
The Migration Series (1992-2002) describes the discovery of the artist’s Cuban grandmother’s diary that led to a decade of national and international exhibitions into heritage and identity. The second series, “Raft-The Drifting Border” (2004-2014) is the artist’s interpretation of the darker side of migration and refugees seeking asylum in Australia. The third series titled, “Transit” (2007-2013) is a series of artworks that interprets the symbolic and subjective aspects of identities in transit in a globalised world.
The archive develops a narrative between personal stories, identity and political observations over two decades. Open or download the guide and discover the stories behind this unique archive of artworks.

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2021 Crossing borders, connecting cultures, 18th IMISCOE Annual Conference online
Workshop and presentation, July 7- 9, 2021, Luxembourg

2021 Workshop and presentation, The Migration Conference - Online Hosted by International British Business School and Ming Ai Institute London

2020 Embracing difference-the work of art Conference on Education,University of Barcelona, Spain.

2018 EASA Biennial Conference “Nationalism Old and New: Europe, Australia and Their Others” University of Barcelona, Spain

2018 Landscape of Heritage workshop, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

In conjunction with Senior curator Rhonda Davis and the Sociology of the Arts course convened by Dr Alison Leitch

2018 Landscape of Heritage workshop at the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts, Turin. Italy  February

The Academy of Turin is one of the oldest in Italy. In recent years the Albertina Academy has been transformed and renewed, promoting countless didactic and cultural activities: the re-organization and re-opening to the public of the Picture Gallery; the restoration of the building and the rationalisation of the internal spaces (still to be completed); numerous exhibitions, conferences, seminars and festivals; a sizeable introduction of computer technology; the institution of new courses of Preservation, Restoration and Graphics.

2016 Landscape of Heritage workshop, Studiodieci City Gallery, Vercelli, Italy.

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  • Asther, 52, Via Mezzavilla, Conzano, Alessandria, Piedmont, 15030, Italy


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  • jop

    5 out of 5 rating 03-13-2015

    Great artworks and great stories

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