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Take a tour of the museum with 3 of our famous horses: Grey Lady, Rattler and Ramilies.

Grey Lady: Welcome to the tour, I’m Grey Lady, your equestrian tour guide.
Rattler: and I’m Rattler
Ramilies: …and don’t forget me - I’m Ramilies. Rambo if you prefer.
Grey Lady: We’re here to guide you round the Scots Dragoon Guards Museum.
Ramilies: Royal Scots Dragoon Guards – don’t forget the royal bit.
Grey Lady: It’s a museum that's all about a Scottish regiment. But what I think is most special, and of course I’m biased, is that ours is a cavalry regiment. Us horses are very much part of its history.
Rattler: They couldnae have done it without us.
Grey Lady: Are you doing this or me?
Grey Lady: That’s why us horses are here to show you our
museum highlights, our favourite things.
Rattler: Ooh, my favourites are apples,
and oats.
Ramilies: And music, that’s very important to me.
Grey Lady: Oh, and don’t forget shoes!
Ramilies: Enough! Tell them Grey Lady, this is a serious museum about brave people and battles and war.
Rattler: It is. But it’s jam-packed with good stories, and the best thing is that us horses feature in lots of them.
Ramilies: Before we go any further Grey Lady, do remind them we’re nothing to do with Dragons.
Grey Lady: Dragons! What! Where?
Rattler: Dinna be daft - there’s no such thing as
dragons – they know that. It’s no dragons, its dragoons
Grey Lady: I wish I could feel so sure. I’ve seen such awful things. But yes, now I think of it, you’re right, dragoons is a just an old word for soldiers who travel on horseback and climb down to fight.
Ramilies: Not strictly true: I think you’ll find it comes from the name of a special type of gun that a French dragoon regiment used to carry, that’s if we’re going to be precise about the original etymology of the word.
Ramilies: So you really believe in Dragons Grey Lady?
Grey Lady: I do. Oh did you say you had some oats on you?
Rattler: Boring, boring. Come on let’s get on wi’ it.
Grey Lady: Oh, sorry, one of us should probably say that if they are interested in something us horses don’t know about they can always read what’s in the cases or ask a human.
Ramilies: As if human knowledge could surpass this trio of fine equine minds.
Rattler: They ken a’ that. Get on wi’t.

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