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Frederick Stibbert's collection includes over 16,000 works, whose central and remarkable nucleus consists of the famous armoury, which is subdivided into European, Islamic, and Japanese sections. Displayed side by side in the rooms are arms and armour from Europe, followed by those from the major Islamic countries—from Turkey to Iran, Afghanistan and Moghul India—and then from Japan.

Stibbert's interest focused not only on the history of arms and weapons, but on all aspects of the history of costume, both civil and military. For this reason, the museum possesses a seemingly infinite number of paintings, the majority of them dating from the fifteenth through eighteenth centuries, linked to a rich array of antique clothing items, both male and female. Stibbert's eclectic taste for all arts and crafts spurred him to collect every type of historical artifact that could bear witness to the greatness of the applied arts: Flemish tapestries, precious fabrics, furniture pieces, maiolica and porcelain products, glass objects and stained glass, wooden chests, and works in ebony.

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  • 28, Via Federigo Stibbert, Statuto, Quartiere 5, Florence, Metropolitan City of Florence, Tuscany, 50129, Italy


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