izi.TRAVEL makes it easy for you to bring your visitors' experience to the next level.

Why do museums switch to izi.TRAVEL?

izi.TRAVEL has turned one of the biggest headaches for museums – providing tours in different languages and to different target groups – into a strength. Not only can you create tailor made audio guides, but you can also forget about maintenance and update costs!
  • For Everyone

    With izi.TRAVEL, families can enjoy a museum stroll together. Children are engaged by the use of multimedia stories, while adults learn all about the behind-the-scenes intrigue in their favorite artists' lives.
  • No More Hardware

    No more maintenance. No more updating devices. Your visitors have all the hardware they need already in their pockets.
  • Focus on content

    Why would your museum need a custom-made app when you can share your stories on the most downloaded audio guide app in the world? Forget about technology costs and focus your resources on producing amazing content!