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Audio tourFumio Sawa: Meditations on Truth and Beauty

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Fumio Sawa received his training in Fine Arts in Kyoto Japan, where he studied both Western and Japanese art. For the first twenty years of his career he worked primarily in watercolor and oils. Since 1999, Fumio has been developing his unique combinations of line drawings which balance color and movement. Fumio spends hundreds of hours drawing and painting each piece, using a waycom tablet and pen as his brush and a computer screen as his canvas. 

Fumio's studio is located in Trinidad, Colorado. Fumio Sawa Fine Art, which offers quality, unique abstract visual art and art glass.

Artist’s Statement:::

I draw my inspiration from the vicissitudes of nature, including the interplay of space, matter, light, motion, and time. Whether it is the simple refraction of light off a pond, or the contemplation of philosophy, quantum physics, string theory or the idea of multiple dimensions – I strive to fuse the complex and often contradictory interplay of emotion and logic, creating graceful imagery in infinite variations of line, shape and color.

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