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Audio tourBudapest - history walk of Buda with Tim Richards

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13 sights

  1. Audio tour Summary
  2. Vienna Gate
  3. Hungarian Army Museum
  4. The view over Buda
  5. The good luck Hussar
  6. Matthias Church - outside
  7. Matthias Church - interior
  8. Fishermen's Bastion
  9. Golden Eagle Pharmacy museum
  10. Sandor Palace
  11. Hungarian National Gallery
  12. Matthias Fountain
  13. Rock Church
  14. Gelert Thermal Baths
  1. Audio tour Summary

    Budapest is one of the most attractive and interesting capital cities in Europe. It makes great use of its location on the Danube as it flows through Hungary. It has the impressive castle district high on a hill which is the historic heart of the city. In the years since Communism was kicked out Budapest has developed a strong capitalist "buzz" as people's commercial energy has been unleashed. I've created three walking guides - this first one is a walk ( mostly gently downhill ) around the historic area around Buda Castle.

    Photo Budapest. View to Buda Castle Hill and Buda Hills from Gellért Hill by Balla Béla is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5


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  • Александр

    2 out of 5 rating 02-24-2016

    Не понравилось отношение к Советской армии. Жаль, что не дали нацистам разрушить Будапешт - венгры остались бы довольны.