Zodiacs in the museum



Only 10 seconds in Aries cut out exclaiming that the whole thing is stupid and needs to be re-done. The museum has to be re-organized too, for that matter.


Declaring the undying love for art and museums, Taurus complains ceaselessly about the entrance fees and wanders away to look for a cafeteria.



Totally unable to choose “the right story,” Gemini constantly jump back and forth through the audioguide missing half of it. However, afterwards they will tell everyone that “they learned a lot!”


Cancer would tell everyone about the first time at a museum with his mother. And how much it affected his future life. And what his therapist says about it.


Instead of listening to the guide, Leo will tell stories himself. Leo knows better!


Virgo asks a lot of contradicting questions, which causes severe arguments among other people. Will let people get at each other throats while standing on the sidelines observing quietly.


Libra prefers a classic way to learn – who created, when commissioned, what is depicted, where was purchased. Also adores tragic romantic stories, will cry while listening to those.


Distrusting the stories provided by the museum, Scorpio carries out own research. And woe to those who had given him the wrong information!



The Sagittarius feels right at home in a museum. Being a little too comfortable, is not afraid to speak its mind into everyone's business.


Capricorn would apply for a job as a docent even if it is his first time at the museum. If this falls through, will try to sell a wonder knife to the guide.



Aquarius will try to hit on a cashier or a security guard or…on anyone else around. Why waste a legitimate opportunity?


Being artistic and mysterious, Pisces would move into a museum if they could. Being unable to proceed with it, they are bawling their eyes out when left around artworks and stories about them.