Why izi.TRAVEL Is Your Best Tour Guide!

We all know how important a tour guide is for a satisfactory tourist experience. A tour guide leaves a lasting impression as a front-line service provider. They facilitate tourists and help them create an experience for self. A professional tour guide may moderate the tourist’s experience to a good feel. However, an unprofessional tour guide may spoil all for the tourists.

So, in order to overwhelm the tourists with crisp but detailed information, izi.TRAVEL has come up with the best possible solution of a tour guide. izi.TRAVEL is a type of tour guide which you can carry in your pocket. Surprised! You better be. It is a free audio tour guide app which is available on iOS and Google Playstore. This app is designed for all the people who love to travel and discover new places. Let me tell you why izi.TRAVEL is the best tour guide app not only in India but all around the world?

The Best Tour Guide For Most Authentic Stories

  1. Many times there are instances wherein the stories narrated by the tour guides are not genuine and are naive, which deceives the tourists misguiding them to false stories.

  2. izi.TRAVEL, on another hand, has one of the most authentic and trusted sources from which the content is curated for the points in the tour.

  3. The best and authentic information gathered from the historical data is then posted according to the events.

  4.  The content is designed in such a way that the tourist gets an actual feel of the rich history in a story-themed manner making it the best tour guide in terms of accuracy.

The Best Tour Guide Fitting Your Budget

  1. Most of the tours listed in the izi.TRAVEL app are FREE. The paid tours are highly professionals and affordable than what a tour guide charges normally. It is published by professional Tour Guides!

  2. With izi.TRAVEL audio tour guide on your phone, you can listen while you plan for the trip and find hotels close by.

  3. It is also easier to make the in-app payment, thus saving you from the troubles.

The Best Tour Guide as Per Your Flexibility

  1. With izi.TRAVEL app with you have the comfort of travelling to the place of your choice at your own convenience, own time.

  2. Whenever you are ready, you can step out with the mobile, open the app, choose your destination and enjoy the trip.

  3. If you seek a human tour guide, they are available only on fixed time slots and you get a diluted experience. They rush you through, leaving you with little details and find quickest means to complete the tour.

  4. With izi.TRAVEL app, the focus is on delivering the highest tourist satisfaction with rich and detailed information making it the best tour guide in terms of flexibility and content.

The Best Tour Guide for Total Tourist’s Satisfaction

  1. The App is designed with a very easy to use, User Interface so that maximum users can enjoy its in-app functions.

  2. It has unique features like searching for a destination of your choice around the world or searching for places to visit around you, it provides you with the best option.

  3. As you reach a monument, the GPS triggers the audio and you can hear while your eyes enjoy watching the monument.

  4. Technology mixed with travelling is an exciting combo of entertainment and a unique way of getting to see things of the future and that is what makes izi.TRAVEL best tour guide in giving an overall tourist satisfaction.

The Best Tour Guide In Matter Of Connectivity (Offline/Online)

  1. Being an audio tour guide app doesn’t necessarily mean it should require internet connectivity all the time and disrupt your enjoyment of the tour midway where there isn’t any connectivity?

  2. izi.TRAVEL has a brilliant solution for it as well. There is an option where you can download the tour whenever you have the internet connectivity available; in a network-enabled area or your hotel/ station Wi-Fi and play the tour in offline mode whenever you visit the attraction.

  3. This makes izi.TRAVEL as good as a normal offline tour guide at no roaming data costs.

These are the main reasons why izi.TRAVEL is the best tour guide in the world where you get a tour guide at one place for more than 100+ countries in the world.

Download Now: izi.TRAVEL and get the best experiences.

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