Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in New Hampshire

If you have just moved to the state or want to get to know it better, there is no better way to do it than by organizing a trip to see some of its most interesting sights and locations! And since we so rarely get a chance to spend time with our loved ones, it is also a perfect chance to travel with your family and bond over the experience. To this end, we present to you the list of the top-rated tourist attractions in New Hampshire.

Fall Foliage Drives

Now, it is true that this is somewhat a broad category. However, there are few things as iconic and beautiful as the fall in New Hampshire. The absolutely stunning array of orange and red colors gracing the maple trees in the region are a delight no matter where you take them in. Of particular note is Swanzey, a town known for its many bridges framed by beautiful trees. The scenery afforded by watching the scarlet leaves floating in the water and swirling around you as they fall is one you will not soon forget. Making this, without a doubt, one of the top-rated tourist attractions in New Hampshire, especially considering it is not confined to any corner of the state.


Story Land

Story Land lives up to its name with its many interesting attractions! With each and every one of them inspired by children's stories (and a few cartoons!), kids will absolutely adore it. You can take your kids to a pirate ship cruise, board a pumpkin carriage, or ride in a spinning pumpkin. And that is hardly the end of what Story Land has to offer! With plenty of different attractions and playgrounds, your kids will run out of steam before they run out of variety. If you want a place where you can relax while they have fun, or even join in yourself, then this is definitely not a destination you want to miss.


Santa's Village

For very obvious reasons, this particular tourist attraction is extremely popular with children! They can experience fun rides, get into the holiday spirit, and see Santa. However, do not think that parents will have nothing to enjoy. The rides, while Christmas-themed, are surprisingly diverse - from a Ferris wheel to roller coasters, waterpark rides, and even bumper cars. You can have as much fun as your kids and get some quality bonding time with them!


Castle in the Clouds

Interestingly enough, Castle in the Clouds is almost better known as a romantic location for weddings than a historical landmark and museum! And for a good reason! Its beauty and quaint atmosphere make for what is both a relaxing and enchanting site. Yet, as mentioned, it is very historically significant. Built in 1914 and still standing proudly today, it houses a surprising number of artworks for a building of that size. We recommend enhancing the visit with photo navigation, so you can experience it with the ideal route and learn tidbits of knowledge about the art you are admiring.


Lost River Gorge

The Lost River Gorge is a dizzying mix of boardwalks, stairs, caves, and narrow passages. The boardwalks will take you along the sides of the gorge, above the swirling waters that created the unique caves and the cauldron-like holes. Meanwhile, the stairs will lead you down to the caverns themselves, where you can explore the erosion-wrought depths to your heart's content. The spectacle formed by the contrast between the ever-shifting water and the stillness of earth is one you will not soon forget! Navigation can be tricky, however. So you might want to look into the benefits of using an audio tour guide to help you sightseeing along.


Polar Caves Park

Despite its name, the park does not have any polar bears. What it does have, however, is a wide variety of activities to engage in. You can, of course, visit the caves it was named after. Formed by glacier activity, the caves offer a very safe self-guided tour. For those who do not like the wonders of the underground, there are still other options. Either a scenic walk through a park littered with fascinating giant stones or trying your hand at rock-wall climbing.


Attitash Mountain Resort

If you are wondering how to meet new people after moving to New Hampshire and make new friendships, visiting a Mountain Resort might be a good choice. If you live in or near Bartlett, Attitash Mountain Resort would be ideal! Of course, the fantastic slopes and a total of 68 available ski runs make this resort an excellent vacation spot regardless of distance. Best of all, the fun does not end with the winter months. Activities such as horseback riding, mountain biking, and a host of other things to do outdoors make it a worthwhile prospect to visit during summer as well.


Prescott Park

Stretching over ten acres of land along the waterfront of Portsmouth, this park is an ideal starting point for getting to know the city before moving there. It represents exactly what you will find in the town itself. Tranquil beauty, mixed with a surprisingly urban feel. The visitors can enjoy the sights the Piscataqua River affords them, enjoying the warm weather as they gaze upon the boats drifting by. The park is also a center of activity during summer, with lots of plays and live music performances organized every year.


Lake Winnipesaukee

This massive body of water has several different inlets, bays, and islands. All with fascinating sights to visit and explore! Of course, you would be best served by going on a leisurely cruise. Enjoying the wonder of water and warm weather is the best way to truly appreciate Lake Winnipesaukee. What truly makes it one of the top-rated tourist attractions in New Hampshire is the uniqueness of its surrounding terrain. Almost completely surrounded by mountains, the lake affords some magnificent views of them. It might even tempt you into visiting them, too!


Clark's Bears

One of the best-known tourist attractions in New Hampshire, Clark's Bears has entertained guests for over ninety years! The intriguing shows in which you can watch the animals perform various tricks have been popular since the attraction's foundation. Being located in the White Mountains, the scenery is also nothing to scoff at. When you have had your fill of the show, you can take a stroll through the natural bounty of the region. 


Final Recommendations

With our list of the top-rated tourist attractions in New Hampshire coming to an end, we hope you have your eye on your ideal destinations. Just remember: a trip is supposed to be fun! Take your time, enjoy the experience, and reconnect with your loved ones. Seeing these locations for the first time will be a unique and magical experience, so take full advantage of it!



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