Should You Visit London or New York This Year?

Both of these cities are truly iconic, and you definitely want to visit both at least once in your lifetime. However, we all know that travelling across the world isn’t cheap, and therefore sometimes you need to make an informed decision about the next destination for your travels. It’s always crucial to remember, however, that you need protection when travelling abroad. Therefore, if you decide to visit New York after reading this post, it’s imperative that you take US VISA registration seriously if you want to prevent expensive injuries.

Reasons to Visit London

The Theatre: Whilst New York has Broadway, we believe that the full theatre experience can be found in London. As well as this, many Broadway based musicals such as The Addams Family have been introduced into the UK, whereas this hasn’t occurred vice versa. From The Lion King to Kinky Boots, there is a show in London for absolutely everyone. If this is one of your main motivations for visiting London, we would recommend that you purchase tickets far in advance. This is because booking tickets for the West End can often be expensive, especially if doing so only a few days before the show date.

Its History & Impressive Monuments: It’s no secret that London is jam-packed with impressive architecture as well as interesting history. In order to experience all of this in the best way possible, we’d definitely recommend that you take an audio tour around the big city. The complete London Audio Guide Part I is particularly magical, as you get to enjoy the stunning views of London whilst also learning in depth information about its history. On this tour, you can view the Tower Bridge in all its glory, as well as learn all about the Tower of London and the stories that it holds. There is no end to the opportunities that audio tours can provide.

Reasons to Visit New York

Ice-Skating: Of course, you can ice-skate almost anywhere in the world, but where is better than the Big Apple itself? With Christmas fast approaching, skating in New York would be truly enchanting, surrounded by the beauty of New York whilst making unforgettable memories with your loved ones. If ice-skating isn’t for you, though, there’s no need to worry! Especially around Christmas time, just grabbing a hot chocolate to sip on whilst standing outside the rink is an incredible experience. This way, you can experience the beauty of New York in winter without the distraction of skating.

Greenery: This might sound very peculiar, however there’s nothing more refreshing then seeing large green parks in the middle of the hustle and bustle of city life. Although it might not seem like it at a first glance, New York is the greenest city in the whole of the US, with the most famous park there being Central Park. Visiting one of these parks will provide you with endless opportunities, as you can skate, ride on horseback, rent row boats and so much more. Plus, New York’s parks are always holding festivals, allowing you to admire the New York culture whilst relaxing amidst the greenery.