Self-made Olympia audio tour of CGU-5 launched

This week a class of CGU is guided by their self-made audio tour when visiting Olympia in Greece. Using an app the students listen to the stories produced by their fellow classmates. With quizzes the sharing of knowledge is tested. The audio tour is created and published on the free izi.TRAVEL platform

Every year the fifth grade of the CGU, a gymnasium high school in Utrecht - the Netherlands - makes a trip to Greece. Like every year they visit the excavations in Olympia too. Olympia is known for its quadrennial Panhellenic games, that count as the inspiration for the contemporary Olympic Games. Near the sanctuary the relics of temples, thermal baths and of course the stadium can be visited.

CGU student walking Olympia tour

In preparation for, and knowledge transfer during the trip the students created an audio tour. In this guided tour twenty location (stops) are introduced; in the text the user can read specific factual information, in the voice-over the emotional and legendary stories are told - by students themselves. For example; in the Villa of Nero the architecture and the facilities (plumbing!) are described, but voice-over tells you how the Emperor won every single event on the Games, even when he didn’t finish. With every attraction there is quiz with a multiple choice or an essay question.

The tour is produced with the guidance of Mark Woertman, teacher for Ancient Greek and Latin, and Misja van Baaijen, Drama teacher. Mark: “We always made an audio tour for the visit. This method brings the students in-depth knowledge of the area and creates  better engagement with the excavations. After all they are mostly ruins and some some imagination is definitely required. Before we used iPods with audio files, but now I found a system that helps you to find locations more accurately. GPS enabled app in combination with images works very well in practise and it was a big pleasure that the tour could be downloaded on beforehand to save roaming costs.”

Arjaan Kunst of izi.TRAVEL is very proud of the final result that the class produced: “The usage of our platform is very diverse; first there were mostly museums, then came the heritage and Destination Marketing organisations, and now we see a lot of educational institutions and publishers. The CGU class delivered high quality content - without any help from our side: a complete tour of 20 stops, accurate information in addition to engaging stories and education interaction. Best part is that this tour will stay available for other Dutch speaking visitors. That is the power of the open platform.”

The audio tour (in Dutch only) is available here: Olympia CGU tour